Lloyd and Donna Nelosn 1955 356 Porsche Speedster

Nelson's 1955 356 Speedster

Bridge City Cruiser's members, Lloyd and Donna Nelson, were recently honored by the Porsche Club of America (PCA).


The  Dakota region of the PCA encouraged them to attend the Annual International  Escape,  a social get-together held yearly in different locations throughout the United states.

This year the event was held in Rapid City SD and the Black Hills area. 550 people attended from the US and Canada and 295 Porsche cars were shown. The three day event included a Porsche car show in which cars were voted upon for  categories and people's choice.  Many guided tours of 20-30  cars were done through the highlights of the Black Hills,  social events and the concluding banquet. 

The Nelson's car, a 1955 Porsche  356 Speedster, was displayed in the banquet hall and they were awarded People's Choice of the car show.

Also during the Escape  a camera crew from New York  filmed and interviewed Lloyd and Donna during the event, along with two other Porsche owners.  The three owners were filmed and recorded during the guided tours.  Donna reminded Lloyd before they started out to "watch what you say because we are being recorded!"

The  interview and banquet footage can be viewed at autoblog.com  click on the video section.

"Videos" will again come up. Click on it and several options will be displayed below. Click on the "Video" option and scroll down to our Speedster. Click on that and the video will come up. It may take a few minutes to prepare. Some of the video may be a little "bumpy".